Our Mission:

International Inspiration is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable projects that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities around the world. By promoting volunteerism and facilitating dialogue, we hope to create a global network for people, resources, and organizations.

We primarily support projects related to education.  Empowerment though education is the key to making great change, both for individuals and communities.

We also support projects that help provide relief supplies to communities that have experienced traumatic events or natural disasters.  Having your world turned upside-down through events out of your control is extremely traumatic.  International Inspiration strives to help communities get back on their feet and take steps toward finding balance in their lives again.


Our primary goal is to enhance quality of life through educational, cultural, or creative arts programs.   Working to provide programs for communities in need, International Inspiration creates and supports programs that provide opportunities for access to quality education in all subjects and areas of interest.  We believe that knowledge feeds the mind and creative expression feeds the soul.  When people feel empowered with knowledge, they also feel free to dream and are motivated to achieve their goals.

Our second goals is to create and support programs that provide a medium through which cultural awareness can be raised in communities around the world.   The amount of culture taught in school is diminishing, while the rapid acceleration of technology creates a smaller and smaller world.  This diluting effect on cultural identities generates the driving force behind our mission, to produce greater cross-cultural communication.  Proactive educational and cultural dialogue is vital to understanding who we are as individuals and appreciating the world around us.

Promoting coexistence:

A vital aspect of International Inspiration is that we will not allow anyone to use this organization to promote or impose personal beliefs, religion, language, or culture upon any other group of people.  While conversation is greatly encouraged for the purposes of learning, no one who is a part of International Inspiration will be allowed to advocate for any religion, language, culture or any item that falls under the nature of the aforementioned.  Furthermore, any particular government, form of governance and/or correlated politics will never be associated with International Inspiration.  Please be aware that the definition of happiness varies significantly around the world.

Our Team:

International Inspiration was the vision of and founded by Erica Marsh.

Our board members are Erica Marsh, Forrest 'Fode' Matthews, Vinayak Dinesh, and Lindsay Culver

We are also supported by the hard work of many volunteers.  A special thanks goes out to Palma Marsh, Hallie Tyner, Amanda Hillmon, and Fode 'Lavia' Camara for their dedication!