Through the Cultural Exchange Program, you can study in Guinea, West Africa under any of the participating instructors. As a volunteer, during your time in Guinea, you will spend a minimum of one-hour a day tutoring, teaching, or sharing your trade with a local Guinean or small group of Guineans. Additionally, for each volunteer who participates in the program, your instructor will donate one-hour teaching local students at the Bayiby Cultural Arts Academy. Give back to the culture that you have come to study and participate in the Cultural Exchange Program.

If you have a Guinean instructor who is traveling to Guinea and is not on the list, you can nominate them for the program by providing us with their contact information.  We would be glad to send them an invitation!

To participate, please download and fill in the correct sign-up form below.  Please fill out the form and return it to International Inspiration.  You can either return the form via mail or scan it and email it.  See our contact information here:  Contact
Pour participer, s'il vous plaît télécharger et remplir le formulaire d'inscription ci-dessous correcte. S'il vous plaît lire attentivement le formulaire, et remplir complètement, y compris votre photo de passeport, de scanner et l'envoyer par courrier à Inspiration International à:

Forrest 'Fode' Matthews and his friend, Kanfing Mory. They studied drumming together in the mornings and studied English in the evenings.

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Fode 'Lavia' Camara


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