Post 13: Contacting Suppliers

We went out to Forecariah yesterday and had a productive meeting with Fode A. and Seni.  They are doing a great job overseeing the management of the property and the construction.  Everything is just as we left from last year, except the grass which has grown back from the rainy season.   Fode A. made several phone calls for us, contacting suppliers for our construction materials.  We’ve coordinated for the larger items that need to be dropped off by truck, such as the sand, bricks, rocks, and water.  Our well needs to be dug much deeper for us to get to the ground water.

Our plan is to have the large items dropped off Friday morning.  I will stay on the land with Seni to receive the delivery while Fode Lavia and Fode A. go to purchase the rest of the materials and tools together.

Inshah allah, all will go well tomorrow!

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