Post 14: The pains of buying supplies…

There’s no Home Depot in Guinea, so buying supplies isn’t as simple as grabbing a shopping    cart and going down the list.  On Friday, we all started on our property.  Then, Dakino and Fode A. went out to negotiate the prices for the materials we need.

While they were out, the rest of us stayed to receive the sand and blocks for the wall foundation.  After that, we joined Fode A. and Dakino.  We went through each item on the list and pulled out cash to pay for each one by one.  In the end, we didn’t have enough money to buy everything.  We sold some cement back to but other materials that are needed immediately.

The money that was donated this past Monday  by the Helgager-Huges family, Susan Natalie, and Palms of Fire is going to be wired to us this Tuesday and will be enough to get most of the remaining materials needed.

Right now,  the water reservoir is being built.  When we go back on Wednesday,  we will buy as much of the remaining supplies and possible.  We also hope to conduct the ceremony for the blessing of the land.  No official construction can begin until this is done.


Getting the land cleared.

Fresh sand for the wall foundation.

Fode A. describing our water challenges.


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