Post 16: Blessing the Land

Ibrahima Dakino Camara also undertook the task of purchasing the all white sacrificial ram for the blessing of the land. Being a part of those prayers and the blessing was powerful. As a foreigner to the experience of animal sacrifice, it was extremely emotional. The anticipation of that moment was intense. I wasn’t sure how I would feel when the time came. It wasn’t easy for me, but I can say that I felt a unique connection to the land, the ram, all those who we are working with and prayed together with in that moment. It was very humbling.

To my amazement, the minute the blessing ceremony was done, the construction workers got right to it and the first drops of cement were poured. So much progress was made in just that one evening. Even more beautiful was that Thursday night we were joined by Greg Jones, Jean M Solomon-Candelario and Cande Candelario. It meant a lot to share our meal made with the meat of our sacrificial ram with fellow members of our American drumming community as well as our close friends and family in Guinea.



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