Post 17: Beginning Construction

Our construction team has been working very hard since we bought all the supplies at the beginning of the year. In just a few weeks time, the wall foundation was laid and over half of the wall was constructed. Fode A. and his team have used up all the supplies we could afford to purchase while Fode Lavia, Forrest, and I were out there. Just before Fode Lavia left, I wired him the remaining donations that were processed by GFM and PayPal GivingFund. Dakino and Fode's cousin, Aline Bangoura, will head out to the land in the next couple weeks and use the funds to buy as much building material as possible. We hope to finish the compound wall very soon and pray that the money sent will be enough.

Thank you to all who continue to support our project. Please spread the word to help us keep construction going!

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