Post 9: Rainy Season

With rainy season moving into full effect, work on the land will be on hold for the next few months. Mobility is difficult during the rainy season and construction is impossible. Over the summer we will be focusing on fundraising and raising awareness for our project. Our hope is to be able to dive into construction and hit the ground running after rainy season is over.

We had a wonderful time raising awareness for our project at the Kumandi Drum and Dance camp and now we are planning a summer tour. In August, Forrest and Fode will be traveling to different states in the southeast offering a variety of classes. Proceeds from these classes will be donated to our construction fund. If you would like to host us in your city, contact Forrest or Erica!

Based on our research last winter, we will need approximately $10,000 to complete the entire school. This is our fundraising goal for 2017. Please donate today or shop in our store to help us reach that goal!!

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