Our Projects

International Inspiration is dedicated to supporting projects that connect to the heart of our mission - helping communities in need through education and training, creative expression, and cross-cultural communication. See some of our past and current projects below.


The Bayiby Cultural Arts Academy, the first school of its kind, will bring together the best Guinean instructors, locally and from abroad, to pass on the historical knowledge and cultural traditions of Guinea and West Africa.  This school will be a cultural hub where local children and young adults as well as the international community can study together to preserve the rich musical, artistic, and oral traditions and histories of the people of West Africa.

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The Inspiration Schoolhouse Project gives schools the assistance they need to become self-sustainable through financial assistance, administrative organization, school supplies, teacher training, and more.

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As a volunteer, during your time in Guinea, you will spend a minimum of one-hour a day tutoring, teaching, or sharing your trade with a local Guinean or small group of Guineans who sign-up to participate in the program.  Let your trip be more than just your studies.  Get involved with the local community and share your knowledge too!

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The KALOUM DJEMBE Festival, created by Fode 'Lavia" Camara and his father, Djibril 'Bayiby' Camara, is a multi-day celebration in honor of the elders and ancestral artists for all the work they have done to preserve ancient cultural traditions as well as provide a showcase for top ballets, percussion ensembles, and performing artists in Conakry.

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The Williams African Drum and Dance team was a free after-school program for upper elementary students at J. Williams Elementary School in Gainesville, FL.  With a focus on low-performing students, this program kinesthetically engaged students in rhythmic learning, enhanced students’ sense of self-worth, and exposed students to a unique cultural experience. Wontanara, a word that comes from the Susu people of Guinea, West Africa, means to come together and that essence of family is what this project promoted.

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Our original local project based in Goldsboro, NC, USA!  This two year long project was a FREE after-school program that taught children about different forms of art, provided the all resources students needed to participate in each lesson, and gave students the opportunity make their art projects to proudly take home!

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