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Kaloum DJEMBE Festival 2017 DVD

When purchasing T-Shirts and DVDs online, please be sure to select the shipping option, if you do not intend to pick up your purchase from one of our sellers.  Current authorized sellers are Forrest Matthews and Hallie Tyner.  Shipping prices are based on sales with the continental U.S. only.  If you need items sent outside the continental U.S., we will need to send you a separate shipping invoice.

Study in Guinea with Fode ‘Lavia’ Camara

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Prior to making any payments, be sure to contact one of our trip coordinators at to be sure you have all necessary information.  Please make sure to include last name, first name and anticipated dates of attendance in the note. 


*Small handling charges are included at checkout for transporting, storing, packaging goods, and/or handling student account orders.